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Tooth discoloration before treatment.


Tooth discoloration after treatment.


There are many causes of tooth discoloration; substances like coffee, cola and smoking. Some medications and aging can also cause your teeth to stain over time. Our office offers a variety of treatment plans for restoring the whiteness and brightness in your smile.

Bleaching: A technique sometimes used to brightened stained teeth.

Bleaching techniques before treatment. Bleaching techniques after treatment.
Before Whitening After Whitening

Bonding: Rebuilds, reshapes, restores and covers tooth defects through the use of tooth colored materials.

Composite Resin: The plastic material that matches the natural tooth color and is shaped to rebuild or replace the missing part of the tooth.

Damage tooth before treatment. Damaged tooth with a crown. Damage tooth after treatment.

Crown: Completely covers or "caps" a damaged tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size. The healthy tooth is reduced so that the crown can fit over it properly.


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